My girls *love* their CHILDish sets. I seriously wash them at least three times a day since they must be used for every meal and snack. The water bottles go everywhere with us. Easily on the top 3 things I've ever purchased list.
Lisa G.

So I just received my lunchbox in the mail……LOVE IT!!!! It’s going to be SO hard to save it for my daughters bday  
Kristina L.

The plate is gorgeous!!!! I love love love it! Reese loves them already, and I’m now even more excited for the other two gifts I ordered. I’m so excited to tell everyone I know about childish! Thank you thank you thank you!
Jennifer K.

Just got my 17mo old son’s faceplate. First of all, a gigantic thanks to CHILDish for delivering it during this postal strike. Even better is the look on my baby boy’s face when he sees his faceplate on his lunchbox. His whole face lights up with the biggest smile! I also love how he’ll be able to use this lunchbox for years to come…. From food to toys to trinkets! Love!
Tara S.

The dish and bowls are a hit! They’re bright, cheery and really look like my daughter. They’re her favourite and she asks to use them to eat constantly.
Jenifer S.

House 8810
“You know when you find something and it just makes you so giddy that you have to order it right then and there, and you not only want it for yourself but also for everyone you know???  Well, that’s how we felt when we saw what CHILDish has to offer!!
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“…and since we’ve had these plates they’ve been in constant use, so snagging a picture of them clean has been a trial.”
“Here is Mr. Jimmy’s surprise! I love it!
I got the plate and bowl from CHILDish
It didn’t take very long at all to get here especially when you consider the pieces were custom made.”